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Kudo Association of Rajasthan

Updated: May 3, 2019

Kudo Rajasthan Official

Kudo Rajasthan is the governing body of Kudo in Rajasthan. Working under leadership of Renshi Rajkumar Menaria, President and Director North India.

Kudo Association of Rajasthan is a part of

KIFI Association, (Regd. No. F/2155/Surat)  - Kudo International Federation India, is the governing body for Kudo in India, it was established on 19th Oct 2011, under the aegis of Jukucho Takashi Azuma and Shihan Akshay Kumar.

Kudo Rajasthan (K.A.R) has had countless achievements and a Dominating presence in the Full Contact Kudo in India. Fighters from KAR have been proving their grounds from years even holding their place in International Tournaments . In Rajasthan Kudo is strongly prevailing in 10 Districts of Rajasthan and a couple more under consideration. Our work in this federation is unparalleled and our motto is to provide every student with the right opportunity and a platform to show his talents and be a dangerous Fighter with his Mind and his Soul.

We don't show up to get everything we want but to give everything we GOT !

Recent Milestones

  • Team of six fighters from KAR participated in 5th HOKUTOKI KUDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP , Nagoya Japan

  • Record of getting the most medals in School Games in Kudo SGFI tournaments

  • Kudo Team of Rajasthan holds record of most Medal tally in history of games in Rajasthan

  • Every year we host the biggest training camp of Kudo in Rajasthan

  • Over 12000+ students regularly train Kudo as a curriculum including schools, colleges and Dojos. and unofficially over 35000+ students have someday trained in Kudo principals

  • Rajasthan had good team of referees and highly qualified set of trainers in the HQ of Kudo Association of Rajasthan in SRA - MMA and Combat Fitness, Udaipur

  • Kudo Rajasthan is regularly and permanently working with different government reforms and Administration Department in various programs related to Martial Arts and Self Defense, Hosting seminars and training/awareness programs

  • Kudo rajasthan is regularly working and managing international relations and training programs for fighters and trainers to provide latest and recent reforms and ways of training for development of the level here in Rajasthan.

  • Renshi Rajkumar Menaria had expertise and highly active awareness cum training programs for Street Specialized Woman Self Defense Training programs which almost 25000+ girls have benefited from.

  • In 2017 Kudo World Championships Fighter from Rajasthan made india proud on home soil by winning a round in spectacular fashion. Unfortunately lost by submission in second round but on the other hand in 2nd Junior Friendship Cup Rajnandini Menaria and brought home the 1st Prize and became Junior World Champion.

  • KAR participates every Year in the Largest Kudo Tournament of ASIA and performes in a unbelievable manner bagging biggest and al large ampunt of medals and prizes every Year.

  • Bollywood Superstar Shihan Akshay Kumar has awarded rajasthans fighters for best fighters multiple times.

  • Our Fighters have been awarded National Best Fighters of the Year at multiple Occasions.

  • Our fighter Sensei Vipash Menaria (Kudo Black Belt) had been fighting and training for world championships and have been training at international venues by support of KIFI and KAR - He has particaped in 2016 Kudo World Championship , 2017 Kudo Asia Cup, Sendai City Japan, 2018 5th Hokutoki World Cup , Nagoya Japan and is training for better performace and is a serious contender with hope in bringing the world Cup home.

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